People Trust Independents


The Herald is a much loved, exceptionally well-read, free, weekly publication which reaches into every letterbox and business in the cities of Fremantle, Cockburn, Melville and the Town of East Fremantle  - and it delivers great results for many of our long term advertisers at a fraction of the cost of other publications!

We are proudly independent, locally owned and operated.

The Herald has a strong focus on local news and issues, arts and lifestyle, the local property market and special events in the Fremantle region. We are editorially driven and this has resulted in an outstanding robust readership in the area.

Our first edition hit the streets in November 1989. The Herald now distributes 83,334 copies weekly in four separate papers:
The Fremantle Herald (19,785 copies);
The Melville City Herald North and Melville City Herald South (38,957 copies) and
Cockburn City Herald (24,592 copies) - see map under "Coverage".
The separate papers give advertisers the flexibility and choice to directly target their main catchment areas while keeping costs to a minimum.

You can reach over 90,000 readers through all 4 of the Herald papers.

Results from a professionally conducted survey by AMI (Australian Market Intelligence) in August 2006 shows that the Herald has an exceptionally high readership in the Fremantle area:

Fremantle Festival
Crowds enjoying the annual Fremantle Festival

"There are 25,204 Herald readers in the Fremantle area. Of those who have read a newspaper  3,553  or 14.1% have exclusively read the Herald suburban newspaper."

There is high awareness of the Herald as this extract from the survey results show:

"The Fremantle Herald has the highest unprompted (73%) and prompted (80%) readership levels of any competing free suburban newspaper indicating strong brand awareness and readership preference of the newspaper.

In the Cockburn circulation area the Cockburn Herald also out performed its competitor with higher unprompted and prompted readership levels.

Readers of the Fremantle Herald are more likely to read the entire newspaper than any other free suburban newspaper."

Herald Newspapers Total Circulation: 83,334* (see map under "coverage")
   Fremantle Circulation 19,785*
   Cockburn Circulation 24,592*
   Melville (North & South Circulation) 38,957*


*CAB circulation figures (March 2014).